Which industry makes the biggest use of silicone rubber extrusions?

One of the most widely used extrusion materials on the market is silicone rubber.

One of the most widely used extrusion materials on the market is silicone rubber. It is the preferred option for a sizable number of applications and industries. The chemical element silicon is used to create the synthetic polymer known as silicone. Silicon and silicone have similar sounds, yet they are two different things. The connection between silicon as a chemical element and silicone as a rubber substance is that silicon is a major component of silicone rubber, along with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

How Do Extrusions Work?

Through the application of force, a material, in this case silicone rubber, undergoes plastic deformation during the extrusion process, causing it to flow through an aperture or even a die (circular steel discs containing openings to create a profile). If the material has the right characteristics, it will retain its shape after the final extrusion even though it adopts the cross-sectional profile of the dies during the process. It aids in giving the material a fantastic polish and offers remarkable form freedom during the design phase.

For more than 47 years, Suresh Enterprise has been supplying a wide range of sectors with the best silicone rubber extrusions available.

Why is silicone rubber so well-liked?

One of the most widely used extrusion materials is silicone rubber, and for good reason. The substance offers a long list of outstanding advantages that make it the preferred substance for a wide range of diverse industries and applications. These benefits consist of:

Heat Resistance

The ability of silicone rubber to survive and perform admirably in severe temperatures, both high and low, is one of its most outstanding benefits. The substance is resistant to temperatures as high as 300°c and as low as -60°c. Only silicone rubbers can deliver such an outstanding performance range from hot to cold.


It is crucial to have effective sterilization because silicone rubber is frequently utilized in the food and medical industries. Due to its non-porous nature, silicone rubber is resistant to the growth of pathogens like MRSA and E. coli. Since the substance has FDA approval, both the food and medical segment may use it.

High Tensile Strength

There are a lot of factors that make silicone rubber more versatile than normal silicone for all purposes. The material was designed to have far superior elongation and tensile strength than the general-purpose grades, which means that it is more resistant to abrasion and fatigue. This is one of the key reasons.


The material can be employed in several different sectors and applications because of its extensive list of advantages. It may be utilized in almost any location and function fantastically because it can operate in all kinds of high temperatures. A lot of alternative materials won't work as well in various temperatures and situations.

What Industries commonly use silicone extrusions?

Silicone rubber is the preferred material for a vast variety of different industries because of all its fantastic benefits. A few industries employ silicone rubber extrusions more frequently than others. The following sectors employ the material most frequently:

Food Industry

For many reasons, silicone rubber is extremely common in the food sector. Silicone rubber is typically used for machine parts and gaskets that come into touch with any food or beverage. This is due to the non-reactive nature of the substance, which makes it extremely effective at preventing food contamination. Additionally, silicone is a reusable plastic that is much more environmentally friendly than other single-use plastics.

Furthermore, silicone rubber has FDA approval. The material has undergone comprehensive testing to verify that it is safe for use in industries where material contamination could seriously endanger the public's health.

Medical Industry

Another sector that frequently selects silicone rubber as a top option for various purposes is the medical sector. It is crucial that the material utilized in medical applications is secure. Because of this, silicone rubber that has received FDA approval is so widely used. Because of its non-porous nature, silicone is ideal for a sector where health is of the utmost importance because it won't allow bacteria to accumulate.

Silicone is ideal for conveying liquids since it is highly flexible, tear-resistant, and free of plasticizers that can contaminate drugs or cause toxicological problems.

Automotive Industry

The automobile sector is the final one to frequently use rubber extrusions. Rubber door seals were one of the first products that Suresh Enterprise offered to the automotive industry 47 years ago. Due to its incredible dependability in both extremely high and extremely low temperatures, silicone is extremely common in the automotive sector.

Additionally, the material is immune to ozone, UV, salt, and a wide range of chemicals, making it ideal for usage in autos. Due to these characteristics, it is the ideal choice for uses like rubber seals, vehicle door seals, windscreen rubber seals, and other seals found in automobiles.