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Masters Of Premium Range Silicone Products

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About Us


Sevitsil® is one of the India's oldest & leading silicone products manufacturers meeting up with diversified needs of customers with a wide range of products. A few to name have put us on the verge of innovation & customization, leading to high customer satisfaction. Astoundingly our world class range of “extrusions” vary from 0.15 Mm id to 350 mm id, providing the end user a number of variety to choose with. The application of silicone & fkm in endless products have pushed sevitsil to various industries. Pick any industry and our extruded & molded products are here to serve the market. Right from Medical, Pharmaceutical, Scientific, Laboratories, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Textile, Plastic, Automobiles, Thermal, Electrical, Electronics and the industries goes on. Our never ending efforts to serve various industries has now uplifted us to export to various countries in the world.


We at SEVITSIL, are engaged in manufacturing & supplying of Silicone premium range rubber products with the commitment of customer delightness.

We are eager & dedicated to meet our road map by:

  • Offering products with impactability & zero defects.
  • Growth & satisfaction of our internal customers.
  • Maintaining a safe, healthy & accident free workplace.
  • Implementing "The SEVITSIL Way" for the continuous improvement & effectiveness of our systems & standards.