SURESH ENTERPRISE products are sold commercially for multiple applications as determined by the end-user. Information on certain physical properties of our various styles and grades is provided in our product literature, but such information is unrelated to any particular use or application. Determination of the suitability of the goods for the uses and applications contemplated by Buyer and others shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer or user. Consultation with qualified engineers and testing laboratories is recommended. SURESH ENTERPRISE does not recommend any of its products for any particular use or application. The purchaser or user shall assume full responsibility for the adequacy and suitability for the intended use. Silicone products may fail as a result of temperature variances, excessive pressures, abrasion or damaging substances. The wear life of silicone products is limited by the circumstances and conditions of use. Silicone materials should be inspected regularly and should be replaced as appropriate for operational and safety requirements and the prevention of injury or damage to persons and property.

1. Acceptance:
  • Quotation/Order acknowledgment is accepted subject to delivery when available. Seller shall have the right to cancel this quotation/order acknowledgment upon notice to the buyer.
2. Prices:
  • Prices are subject to alteration without notice and the prices prevailing on the date of supply will be charged. All increase in taxes, Duties and other charges due to government policy should be borne by the buyer.
3. Complaints:
  • If any complaints related to our product/services we provide, should reach us within 10 days from the date of receipt of goods or else goods will be considered as per buyer's requirement.
4. Return Policy:
  • Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged. In case of rejection, upon receipt of rejected goods we will replace rectified/ new produce goods. No Money will be refunded.
5. Interest Money:
  • 24% interest will be charged on all goods remaining unpaid amount within agreed credit days / Sales Order Acknowledgment from the date of bill generation.
6. Purchaser's Liability:
  • In the event of Buyer's falling to take delivery of the goods on arrival at destination station. The seller reserves the right to divert / sell such goods without prejudice to the Seller's right to claim and recover demurrage / losses etc. resulting from breakage of contract.
7. Risk or Loss:
  • In the event of war, fire, flood, strike, labour trouble, accident, riot, act of government authority. act of God, or other contingencies Beyond the control of the parties, interfering with the production, supply, transportation, or consumption of the goods covered by this quotation / order, or with the supply of any raw material used in connection therewith, quantities so effected may be eliminated from the contract, without liability, but the contract shall otherwise remain unaffected. Seller, may during any period of shortage due to any of said causes, prorate its supply of such goods among its customers under this and others quotation / orders and contracts in such manner as Seller may deem fair and practicable.
8. Jurisdiction:
  • Any claim in respect of the bill is subject to jurisdiction of Mehsana court only.
9. Clause:
  • Force major clause will be applicable.
10. Products suitability and length of service:
  • Determination of the suitability of the goods for the uses and applications contemplated by Buyer and others shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer or user. No guaranty is given with respect to length of service on any particular application. Suggestions or recommendations made by seller in its product literature concerning uses or applications of the goods are believed to be reliable, but seller makes no warranty or guaranty of results to be obtained since the conditions of the use and application by Buyer and others are beyond seller’s control.
11. Quantity Variance:
  • Due to manufacturing variances, the quantity of goods delivered will be within 15%, more or less, of the quantity specified and shall be charged at the unit price herein.
12. Entire Agreement:
  • This Agreement constitutes the complete and final Agreement of sale and purchase of the goods specified herein and supersedes all prior contracts and discussions. No modification hereof shall be effected by the use of purchase order, acknowledgment, acceptance, or other forms at variance with or in addition to the terms and conditions contained herein. No modification shall be effected in any manner other than in writing and signed by the party claimed to be bound thereby.
13. Transportation Policy:
  • All deliveries will be made F.O.B. Point of Shipment. Freight calculated and billed on all Prepay & Bill orders. Applicable surcharges and/or accessorial charges are not covered and will be billed accordingly. All price page and catalog weights are approximate and actual shipping weights may vary from these listings. In case of dispute, actual shipping weights will apply. Origin, Method of Shipping and Routing: seller will determine the point of origin of shipment, the method of transportation and the routing of shipment. Purchasers requiring shipment by a method or routing other than that will be billed any excess or premium in transportation charges. If seller elects to ship by other than common carrier, the full transportation charges will be prepaid and any freight charges billable will be calculated and billed. Purchaser Pick Up: No allowance will be made in lieu of transportation if the buyer accepts shipment at the factory or the warehouse or freight station. Transportation charges will not be deducted from the selling price. Pick up of order must be made within three business days.
14. Concealed Damage:
  • seller will not participate in any settlement of claims for concealed damage. Upon receipt of any shipment, Buyer must unpack immediately and, if damage is discovered, must:
    • Not move the product from the point of examination
    • Retain shipping container and packing material
    • Notify the carrier’s agent to make an inspection and confirm in writing
    • Send seller a copy of the carrier’s inspection report
    • Make a claim for damage with the carrier
    • Recovery for any damage to merchandise incurred during shipping shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer. Any such damage shall not defeat or otherwise affect the obligation of Buyer to pay all amounts due seller with respect to the damaged goods.
Updated December 14,
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