Silicone Overhead Line Insulation Sleeve KavachSil

SEVITSIL is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of products which include Electrical Insulation Sleeves and Overhead Line Insulation Sleeves. In order to manufacture a qualitative range of Silicone Overhead Line Insulation Sleeve Products, we make use of high-grade materials and components that are sourced from reliable vendors in the industry. Our top quality, zero defect and effective range of products have further strengthened our relationship with our esteemed clientele.

SEVITSIL ‘s Silicone Electrical Conductor Line insulating Sleeves are designed to increase system reliability by reducing wildlife-related outages. System interruptions and equipment failures caused by wildlife and incidental vegetation contact can be minimized by the use of Conductor sleeves.

With the economy developed, environmental pollution is getting worse, and the situation of power substation insulation and protection is serious, especially for the old substation. Pollution flashover, rain flashover, line trip because of icing, small animals, and uncovered busbar, all caused damages and injury accidents. More and more power substations choose silicone rubber overhead line sleeves to insulate the substation.

The sleeves are made with a full-length extruded silicone rubber supplied in a reel in a flat format. The edge of the product is formed to lock together when installed on an electrical conductor. The installation requires dispensing silicone sealant in the lock and pressing the two ends together to lock, forming a circular cover over the bare. The sleeves are offered in thickness appropriate to voltage class for use up to 220KV.


  • For ACSR conductors
  • For Dog, Moose, Panther, Ant, Leopard etc
  • Used in 11kv, 33kv, 66kv, 110kv, 220kv
  • Protection of Birds and wildlife
  • Performance motors and vehicles


  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent arc resistance
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • No special tools are required in the installation
  • Good cold weather installation
  • All standard colors are available (Standard Grey, Brick Red, Red, Yellow, Blue etc)
  • High Dielectric strength and volume resistivity

"Offering zero-defect Silicone Overhead Insulation Sleeve (KavachSil) products to our customers" is our aim and for the same, our entire range of KavachSil goes through various checks, which are done by our team of quality controllers. Further, to achieve 100% client satisfaction, quality is never compromised at our end.

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