Corona Treater Silicone Sleeve

SEVITSIL Corona treatment was introduced into the industrial sector due to its ability to treat metal and plastic surfaces, imparting adhesive characteristics that allowed for easy printing or bonding on a range of surfaces.

The printing industry is most interested in corona treatment for dependable and efficient printing on plastic substrates. The surface of the material becomes significantly more impressible to adhesives, inks, and coatings after being treated with a high-frequency corona discharge.

Corona Treater Silicone Sleeve is made from refined silicone rubber, it is resistant to high voltage, is flame retardant, and produces a uniform corona spark under high voltage. Used for electric spark treatment of plastic films, plastic woven bags, etc., to activate the surface or make micro holes for easy printing and coloring.

Applicable to all kinds of corona treatment sparking machine casing, used as a high-voltage electrode, hose and high-voltage output line sheath tube.

It is a high-voltage corona and electrode roller for corona treatment equipment BOPP, COPP, POPE and other wide film production lines.

General Characteristics:-

  • Electrical, Thermal and Chemical Resistance.
  • Resistance to Corona Discharge and Ozone Resistance.
  • Smooth surface with uniform wall thickness.
  • Longer duration.
  • Withstands adverse conditions.
  • ISO-certified and FDA-approved.
  • Ideal for Plastic & Packaging Industries.


  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Long Life
  • Good Electrically Insulation
  • Not break or crack under unusual web tensions
  • Due to the sleeve treat can be operated with a much smaller air gap
  • Ozone Corona discharge resistance
  • Easy to replace
  • Having high dielectric strength of 250-500 Votts/mm
  • Resilient & flexible for a case of Insulation on to treatment roll


  • Material: 100% virgin silicone
  • Color: orange, dark red, translucent, black etc…
  • Working temperature: -40°C -+ 220°C
  • Our regular diameter is 6mm - 350mm with different thicknesses.
  • Wall thickness: 2 mm, 3 mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Special sizes & colors are available on request.

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