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silicone rubber corona treater sleeve 1 silicone rubber corona treater sleeve 2



Do not break or crack under unusual web tension.
Require much lower web tension.
Due to sleeve treat can be operated with much  smaller air gap.
Easy to replace
Good Electrically Insulation.
Ozone Corona discharge resistance.
Suitable for continuous operation at 180º C & can be operated at higher temperature without loss of any mechanical & dielectric properties.
Having high dielectric strength 250-500 Votts/mm.
Resilient & flexible for case of Insulation on to treatment roll.
Long Life

Size available from 2” ID to 8” ID & wall thickness 2.00mm to 5.00mm (±0.2mm)

Normally available from stock in opaque color.

Special size & color available on request.




Appearance Transculent.
Hardness : 60-70 Shore  A.
Density: – 1.2
Temperature:-  - 80º to 250º C. (-110º to 480º F) 
Elongation at break 500%
Tensile Strength:- 11.0Mpa

Tear Strength - 24kgf/cm

  1 39MM ID x 45MM OD   9 74MM ID x 84MM OD  
  2 48MM ID x 54MM OD   9 82MM ID x 88MM OD  
  3 50MM ID x 55MM OD   10 95MM ID x 101MM OD  
  4 50MM ID x 56MM OD   11 98MM ID x 104MM OD  
  5 59MM ID x 65MM OD   12 98MM ID x 108MM OD  
  6 70MM ID x 76MM OD 13 121MM ID x 126MM OD  
  7 72MM ID x 78MM OD   14 145MM ID x 151MM OD  
  8 74MM ID x 80MM OD        
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