Silicone Pipette Filler - 3 Way - 50ml

Silicone Pipette Filler - 3 Way - 50ml

A silicone, standard three-valve safety pipette filler eliminates the need for mouth pipetting. Provides greater chemical resilience than natural rubber.


  • Long-lasting silicone is highly resistant to organic solvents.
  • Control air-evacuation, liquid uptake, and liquid dispensing with three valves each containing.
  • Pinch release-valve for smooth liquid flow.


Sterile No
Autoclavable Yes
Max Volume (µL) 50000
Min Volume (µL) 0
Color Red & Blue
Overall Length (mm) 152.4

Product Range of Silicone Pipette Filler - 3 Way - 50ml

Range Name
Product Code 403001
Color As per our availability
No. of Values 3
Application Bulb type pipette fillers are designed for one hand operation pipette fillers improve worker safety by eliminating mouth pipetting and handling of hazardous material.